Tangkahan: from Logging to Eco Lodging

Without Tangkahan Ecovillage there may not be forest on this edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia.

In 2000, the villages of Namo Sialang and Sei Serdang turned from illegal logging and the palm oil industry to ecotourism for their livelihoods. 

They now work closely with elephants rescued from conflict zones, offering tourists the opportunity to bathe and walk with them. When the elephants are not with the tourists they move freely in the forest. Watch because the video shows more benefits for the community.

As an alternative to the “over tourism” or “mass tourism” of today, consider travelling in a different way. Instead of consuming a place and culture, consider visiting them as you would a dear friend: going only if they have space to accommodate you; not bringing and leaving rubbish; eating their food and learning their language because it’s a doorway to their hearts and minds; and making sure the money you spend goes to their community rather than being siphoned away to shareholders of faraway corporations. Be part of livelihoods that leave regenerated nature and culture for their children and you will leave your children with somewhere unique to adventure to.

Find out more about Tangkahan at https://www.tangkahancto.com