Two children setup their apothecary

Weaving flowers into my braid

Two children setup their apothecary in front of a grocery shop. They gather mint, sage, lavender, rosemary, wormwood and pretty flowers, then stack them in piles on a bench under the creeping grape vines. They come running up to sell me their herbs and potions. The girl tells me she will make my hair beautiful as she weaves flowers into my braid and the boy presses herbs into my hand. I pay them a gold coin each. They spend it on treats and give a little away while they discuss the name of the shop they want to open and what they would sell. 

Thank you Ceres Brunswick for being so good to our children ❤️

Thank you Barefoot Investor for your wisdom on the spend, give and invest jars and that children should earn their pocket money. They are abuzz with business ideas. 

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