Rock pooling at Aslings Beach

Do you mind! I’m eating. How rude. Stop gawping.


Photographed at Aslings Beach, Eden NSW. A great mini biology lesson while rock pooling with the kids.

How we adventure in the wilderness

We do not want sanitised, foregone conclusions. They also tend to mean less wildlife.

We travel slow, avoid loud machines or built environments

At Aslings Beach, part of the adventure was in the unexpected discovery of a crab eating a fish. The rock pools were teeming with wildlife. Unfortunately, further along, a sea wall had been erected to create a shallow pool under a rock formation which interrupted its rugged wilderness.

We learn our limits and when to push them

Another part of the adventure at the beach was discovering how brave and coordinated you can be when you are brimming with curiosity. The kids climbed up and along parts of the rock formation to see what was on the other side. The excitement positively shone from their eyes when they realised how far they had climbed given how small they were.

We pack a safety kit, check and dress for the weather

Scrapes happen when rock pooling. Salt water helps. A dry bag for your phone and camera is really useful.

How we leave no trace

We keep it wild for the creatures and the next adventurers.

  • We plan ahead and prepare food and water in reusable containers. Pack extra snacks for the beach. Kids are always hungry at the beach.
  • We aim to only produce waste that we can take home and compost.
  • We are mindful that we are in a wildlife habitat. We encourage the kids to pay attention and look for what could be a creature’s home and remind them to conserve and not destroy.
Ronella from Telling Tales

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