Little creature polka dots

Little creature polka dots on the rocks

Little creature polka dots clinging to the rock.

Smash go the waves. The spray rains down.

The rock painted by the gods bakes in the sun.


Photographed at Secret Beach, Victoria. It is hard to rival the art in nature. There was abundant beach wildlife to explore in the rock pools and inspiration to draw from when creating my own art.


We love adventures in the wilderness.

  • We travel slow and pay attention.
  • No loud machines, built environments or foregone conclusions.
  • We learn our limits and when to push them.
  • We pack a safety kit, check and dress for the weather.

We leave no trace.

  • We plan ahead and prepare food and water in reusable containers.
  • We aim to only produce waste that we can take home and compost.
  • We choose what we touch carefully.

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